Power recruitment
Hydrogen's Power Practice understands the regulated power landscape.

We start by finding critical project leaders and once in position work with them to place individuals, and often whole teams, across their discipline engineering requirements. On request we deploy Hydrogen consultants to client sites until manpower schedules are completed.

Exceptional project leaders in the power industry are hard to find, often very well looked after and will only move for the right project and opportunity. The strength of our relationships, built on a personal approach and credibility, ensures we have unique access to them. Because we support them and talk their language, they'll work with us exclusively throughout their careers.   

Investing in the future, our Power practice will continue to evolve in line with our clients as they move towards a cleaner energy mix. With a large team of consultants and researchers operating globally, we fill requirements for permanent and contract staff, with market-leading success rates.

Whether the preference is for local talent, globally mobile international candidates, or nationals returning home, we select the best available and give our clients access to unique pre-screened candidates who won’t be presented by anyone else.

Our researchers and support teams are placed in regional offices and able to communicate with engineers 24 hours a day. We invest in building skillsets for the future so, as our clients advance into new technologies, we can deliver them the specialist engineers they need.