Hydrogen’s corporate governance framework takes account of the recommendations of the UK Corporate Governance Code and follows the principles of the QCA Corporate Governance Code for small and medium sized listed companies, which was launched in May 2013.

Hydrogen does not comply fully with the UK Corporate Governance Code in terms of all the disclosures required to be made. Our aim is for our level of corporate governance to meet the expectations of the majority of investors, clients and employees and be appropriate for a company of this size.

Broadly, we would expect our governance procedures and reporting to be in line with companies in the top half of the Alternative Investment Market by market capitalisation.

In this section you will find information about how the Board works, an explanation of the different roles on the Board and the terms of reference for Board sub-committees.

Any queries on corporate governance should be addressed to the Company Secretary, via our investor relations contact address: investors@hydrogengroup.com