Our story: Data & Analytics

When we entered the Data sector, there was a shortage of candidates in a number of areas, such as the heavily regulated Privacy & Governance market and the high-growth Data Engineering market. Our networks and understanding of the tech meant we were able to differentiate ourselves as a niche provider of quality, specialist talent in response to this demand, particularly when many hiring managers and decision makers don’t have the right technical knowledge in the Data space. The intense demand means talented candidates are often able to dictate terms, turning down work or moving every couple of years, and because the Australian market is immature, we use our global reach to source international talent for our clients.

Frequent advances in technology have kept candidates with the latest skillsets in demand, and on top of that, we’re also seeing consulting skills now required. Changes in regulations too has meant that areas such as Data Privacy and Data Governance will always need investment, and the talent pool is limited for these specialisms, meaning retention is also high on the agenda for many Australian businesses. Our consultants not only have access to candidates with the technical skills but focus on cultural fit to help our clients retain the best professionals in the market.

Recruiters often have a bad name and we want to challenge that perception through our consultative approach and quality outcomes. We do things differently and invest time in building long term relationships, both with our clients and our top-tier candidate pools. We keep ahead of tech so that we can understand our clients’ requirements as well as our candidates’ career aspirations and have become an established name in the Data space, with a reputation built on trust and transparency.