Our story: Technology

In an increasingly digitalised society, businesses were under intense pressure to adopt emerging technologies to offer best-in-class services to customers, increase internal efficiency and stay ahead of their competition. There was a shortage of local talent in niche, specialist skills such as Software Engineering, Cloud Engineering, Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Our clients weren’t able to locate specific skills or experience and needed expert advice on how to best structure their teams, as well as concepts and methodologies. We were able to provide candidates that most businesses didn’t have access to, quickly and competitively.

As technologies continue to evolve and businesses migrate to the cloud, a brand’s digital presence has never been more vital. There has been a strong focus on mobile applications, and we’ve seen the emergence of neobanks, while COVID-19 has meant companies need to cater for remote working and onboarding. Businesses are redirecting their spend from Information & Communications Technology (ICT) to Digital, constantly re-evaluating their technology stack at the same time. Those with the latest technology will inevitably attract the best talent – nobody wants to work with outdated tech.

We’ve invested in our own technology to ensure that we’re able to tap into and stay in touch with the best permanent and contract talent, skilled in the latest tech themselves. These established industry networks and our expert consultants allow us to tailor our solutions, partnering with our clients to understand their recruitment challenges and help shape their talent management strategies.