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A Q&A with Antonia Ray

Antonia joined Hydrogen back in October 2021 as an Associate Consultant in our Life Sciences department. Following her recent promotion to Consultant, we got the low-down on her success so far at Hydrogen.

Which university did you attend and what did you study?

For my undergrad degree I studied Psychology at Portsmouth University and then I did a Masters at the University of Sussex in Human Resources and Management. 

How did you originally hear about a career in recruitment? 

I first heard about recruitment in my HR degree. We had a whole module on in-house recruitment which was really interesting. I also had a number of friends going into recruitment at the same time!

What made you come to the decision that a career in recruitment was right for you?

It’s such a people-based business which I love. I’ve also been in customer facing roles so it was definitely something I wanted to stay in. I love speaking with people and it’s great to be able to make money through doing so as well.

What skillset do you think is important to being a successful recruiter?

The top three most important are communication, resilience, and patience!

What do you enjoy about being a Recruiter?

I love the excitement, the challenges and being able to speak to so many people from all over definitely keeps it interesting! 

What’s your best bit of advice for someone just starting their career in this industry?

Speak to everyone you possibly can and don’t over complicate things!

Why did you choose Hydrogen to kickstart your recruitment career over other agencies? 

Hydrogen has such a welcoming family atmosphere, and everyone is so friendly and supportive. Before starting here, I had always worked in family businesses so that relationship was very important to me and I definitely feel that here. 

What has been your biggest success to date? 

I won a competition between the rookies in the department for the most deals before Christmas and won £400!

What’s one fact about yourself that is not on your LinkedIn profile?

All my previous companies have been family businesses, so this is the first time I am working without being in a family position! 

What’s next for you in your career with Hydrogen?

I’ll be striving towards my next promotion and hopefully getting on one of the annual incentive trips!

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