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A Q&A with Rachel Chalmers

Rachel works in our US Recruitment Hub in Edinburgh. Following her recent promotion to Recruiter, we got the low-down on her success so far at Hydrogen.

Which university did you attend and what did you study?

Directly before working at Hydrogen, I received a MSc in Medieval History from the University of Glasgow. Before that, I studied a BSc in History and English Literature from the University of Stirling, and now I study a BSc in Computing and IT with the Open University. The latter relates to my industry the most, but all three experiences have been key to my success as a recruiter! 

How did you originally hear about a career in recruitment?

I have a friend who worked in recruitment for a year and they told me about what a great experience it was, always going on incentive trips or socialising with teammates. It seemed like a really lucrative industry, and that piqued my interest! 

What made you come to the decision that a career in recruitment was right for you?

It seemed like a great industry to get involved in that appreciated graduates from all backgrounds. The people-orientated nature of the job felt like a natural elevation from customer service/hospitality and social care, that would put the interpersonal skills I developed in those sectors to good use.

What skillset do you think is important to being a successful recruiter?

Being a great listener is key, and there’s nothing more satisfying than finding out what candidates are looking for in their next position and being able to deliver them the right job that ticks all their boxes. I think being adaptive is something that really helps in the day-to-day, as no two days are the same in recruitment (which is what makes it so fun!)

What do you enjoy about being a Recruiter?

I love the feeling of making a big impact to other people’s careers and lives for the better and speaking with all kinds of people everyday to work towards achieving this for them. 

What’s your best bit of advice for someone just starting their career in this industry?

Always look for opportunities to learn about the industry you recruit in – this can be by speaking with managers, colleagues, clients, and candidates, or even proactively using time to research your market. The job market is always changing and moving at a fast pace, so it’s key to always stay listening and therefore learning. 

Why did you choose Hydrogen to kickstart your recruitment career over other agencies?

Hydrogen’s work culture really makes it stand out from other agencies. My team are great, and I work alongside some really successful people that know their stuff and are willing to teach it to you. The clearly defined and achievable career paths available here at Hydrogen showed me their willingness to invest in their people.  

What’s been your biggest success to date?

Being promoted from Associate Recruiter to Recruiter in less than 6 months. It felt great to take advantage of the brilliant platform for success available here at Hydrogen and be recognised for it. 

What’s one fact about yourself that is not on your LinkedIn profile?

If I’m not recruiting in the US tech industry, or busy studying, I’m probably outside playing with my Staffy-Dalmation cross called Maisy! 

What’s next for you at Hydrogen?

I’m working towards another promotion to Senior Recruiter before the end of 2022. Watch this space! 

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