Building a global artificial intelligence team for a Pharma company

The challenge:

A global Pharma company approached us to help them build their global Technical Artificial Intelligence team. They had no internal recruitment expertise in this area and their current suppliers had either turned down the work or hadn’t delivered. They initially approached us to help with two leadership positions and subsequently retained us on a further four roles, based on the quality of our delivery.

Our solution:

We took full briefings to understand the roles, the proposition and the potential and focus of the team, before mapping the market across Europe and beyond. In a new market for both us and the Pharma company, we achieved an outstanding CV to interview ratio, and initially provided six people in leadership positions. We have continued to hire for the team ever since, as well as expanding into other AI-centric areas of their business.

The outcome:

  • The client was able to mobilise and build their adoption of AI within Data Science and Bioinformatics much quicker, to give them a competitive advantage

  • The quality of our delivery has since led to us being referred to many other parts of their business across multiple locations in EMEA and the US