Building diverse Procurement teams at a multinational consumer goods brand

The challenge:

Our client, a multinational consumer goods company, was driving their diversity agenda but struggling to attract female talent in executive sourcing roles. They were keen to benchmark the best talent they had against the best talent on the open market as they sought someone to run Sourcing out of Sydney, Australia. They had exhausted internal networks and their preferred suppliers. We were retained, after a recommendation, to recruit the best female sourcing (Procurement) talent at this level from anywhere in the world for relocation.

Our solution:

We had been promoting female talent into senior Procurement, Supply Chain and Manufacturing roles through our partnership with the National Association for Women in Operations (NAWO) so had a good knowledge of businesses with solid diversity policies and track records in developing women into senior roles. We mapped the international FMCG hubs to compile our long list of 16, then shortlisted three excellent candidates for review before mapping the UK and Europe.

The outcome:

  • Our client moved quickly with a standout female candidate from a global FMCG business in Singapore, looking to return home to Australia

  • Three years later, the candidate has excelled in the role and is currently looking at transitioning into another internal senior role

  • Speed and assurance of delivery allowed our client to make the hire two months before a crucial capital project began

  • The brand has since worked with us on many more senior/business-critical roles