Exclusive Search project for an operator in North Africa

The challenge:

We were recommended to the CEO of a small, North Africa focused Oil & Gas operator by the HR Director of one of his previous firms. The operator had just completed a merger and wanted to move their technical office from Canada to London with zero downtime. The project would mean swiftly sourcing several senior individuals to build a high-performing subsurface team, with each candidate needing specific software knowledge and country expertise in addition to top-tier technical skills.

Our solution:

The business-critical requirement was a Subsurface Team Leader to support the imminent end-of-year reserves reporting process, as well as assist in recruiting the team.

Due to our knowledge of the local market, a single candidate was approached within six hours of us signing exclusive terms. The candidate had lived and worked in the target country, had a local network, met all other criteria, and was interviewed the very same day.

The outcome:

  • The candidate was offered the position the following morning

  • Despite a competing offer from a large, globally renowned organisation, the offer was accepted within 24 hours

  • We delivered three more senior hires for the technical team within three months, giving the company a smooth transition to their new London office, with zero downtime as planned