Improving brand positioning through targeted events

The challenge:

Our client, a top offshore firm, did not have a strong enough brand in the market to attract the high-quality lawyers they required. They had been struggling to reach the targeted audience en masse and create an opportunity to engage them with the firm.

Our solution:

We discussed different potential solutions with the client, ultimately deciding on hosting an event for them to engage with as many candidates as possible. We mapped the market to produce a list of suitable candidates to invite, secured an ideal location, and then hosted the evening networking event for the client. With the expertise of our in-house marketing team, we fully managed the event from start to finish.

The outcome:

  • The firm was able to convey its employer proposition to the key candidates they were looking to target.

  • It has become an ongoing talent solution for the client, and they are continuing to build key relationships.

  • They have since hired several Newly Qualified lawyers directly from the event.