Legal Innovation & Service Delivery Review

The challenge:

This national full-service law firm is highly successful and profitable. Yet they are fully aware that being good lawyers, even with strong client relationships, is not sufficient to stay relevant and competitive. They needed to drive new ways of working and change through the more traditional legal practices, a tricky but essential challenge. To achieve this, the Managing Partner asked us to undertake a Legal Innovation and Service Delivery review to identify opportunities for the firm to remain competitive and relevant in the changing legal industry.

Our solution:

Our goal was to identify the limited number of investments and improvements that would make the greatest tangible difference, to improve the business, enhance competitiveness in the market, and engage clients and staff alike. We did this by:

  • Conducting a series of interviews with partners, associates, and service directors from across the firm to ascertain views on the current delivery of innovation and legal services

  • Carrying out more in-depth investigations and fact-finding across the legal teams

  • Comprehensively reviewing legal technology and legal service delivery capabilities

  • Diving deeper into wider innovation and change across the firm, through interviews with IT, legal teams and service functions

  • Combining our findings with our market knowledge and comparing this firm to its competitors

The outcome:

  • Greater awareness of the market, and ability to assess the opportunities

  • A team of legal innovation and service delivery professionals to encourage and support change within the legal teams

  • Defined client-driven change initiatives within specific legal teams

  • A paralegal delivery centre to champion technology adoption and effective delivery of repeatable work

  • Stronger investment and innovation governance and prioritisation to reduce the number of fragmented initiatives and maximise value creation