Relocating specialist talent back to Europe

The challenge:

A marketing agency, associated with a sports governing body based in Switzerland, was looking for a UK qualified lawyer with international experience. Sports experience was also desired, but extremely difficult to find, even in the wider market.

Our solution:

Our dedicated Research team mapped the market and our in-house marketing team produced a glossy branded advert to attract high calibre talent. We also tapped into our global candidate network in order to present a shortlist of suitable candidates.

One of those candidates was a UK trainee we had helped to relocate to APAC upon qualification. After a few successful years in Singapore, the individual was looking to relocate back to Europe. Because we had a longstanding relationship with the candidate, forged over many years, we knew they would make a great addition to the team.

The outcome:

  • Even though the candidate lacked sports experience, the client was delighted to bring them onboard and upskill them internally instead.

  • We successfully relocated the same UK trainee from Singapore to Switzerland.

  • The client was extremely happy with our process, speed and quality of delivery.