Sourcing talent for a project based in Germany

The challenge:

A US based client, with no presence or candidate relationships in Europe, was tendering for a project in Germany. Their internal talent acquisition team were struggling to source candidates there and came to us to source a team of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) quality professionals at varying levels of seniority to submit for the tender process.

Our solution:

We already had a strong candidate pool within the space, so we submitted the first candidate within half an hour, who had a successful interview the very next day. Within a couple of weeks, we had submitted around 15 candidates, most of which were interviewed with a positive outcome. All candidates had experience within a GMP regulated environment because this was the main prerequisite for all candidates at varying levels.

The outcome:

  • We delivered a high-quality team with candidates from junior level (1-4 years’ experience) up to very senior candidates (15-25 years’ experience)

  • The excellent delivery resulted in the end client coming to our client with another project

  • Our client rated our service very highly and has opened up discussions about further partnering with us in Europe