Uncovering top legal talent in new markets

The challenge:

A long-term client of our London In-house team engaged us to find a Senior Lawyer in Luxembourg. This was our first point of entry into the Luxembourg market, and as such, we did not have an established legal network in this part of the world.

Our solution:

We were asked to deliver a shortlist in a very short timeframe. With the expertise of our legal research team, we were able to map the market for the required skillset and deliver a shortlist of 10 suitable candidates within three days. Due to the strength of our brand in the international legal market, we were able to engage with the top talent and educate them about our client and the opportunity available.

The outcome:

  • 90% of this shortlist were invited for the first round of interviews.

  • The position was filled within a month.

  • The client was extremely happy with our process, speed and quality of delivery.