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Craig Moore

Head of ERP

  1. +44 (0)7788 696 252 (UK)

​​I head up our European SAP team, focusing on SAP ERP and complementary technologies, I work tirelessly to provide the best SAP contract solutions for our customers making sure that each consultant is a match to their specific project/programme needs.

I have worked in recruitment since 2014, working for a specialist SAP agency. I took nine months working as a PMO for a specialist consultancy which helped me develop my understanding of project lifecycles and hiring processes from a business perspective. Since joining Hydrogen, I have been able to utilise these skills to help my clients streamline their recruitment process, manage interview processes easier and ultimately help them deliver their programmes on time and to budget.

I love understanding each customer's planned journey and what effect it will have on them globally as a business. SAP is the hidden engine behind most of the Fortune 500 business. It is the life and soul of their business and helps them operate day to day, whether it is forecasting demand and supply for Christmas season or creating new analytics platforms in order to help the management level effectively run their business.

If you are a consultant looking for a new contract role or if you are looking for specialist SAP Contractor to support your current or future SAP programmes then why not add me on Linkedin, Email or Call me!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Craig Moore
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