Looking for an alternative to traditional contractor resourcing or consulting? 

Our Employed Consultant Model gives you access to people with the market skills and knowledge you need, without having to engage contractors or consultants and without the need to invest in permanent hiring where you still need flexibility.

Our consultants are permanently employed by us and supplied to you on an interim basis as part of a wider team or as a standalone resource.

Best yet, they come in a wide range of levels from Graduate to Director level and you have the option to convert to permanent with you after 2 years.

The types of consultants we offer


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Graduate Consultants

2:1 graduate from red brick universities
Inducted through our eight week training programme
Temp to perm transfer available after two years

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Over three years' niche experience
We invest £1000 per year in their development
Mentors to Graduate Consultants

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Senior Consultants

Over five years' niche experience
Mentors to Consultants 
Practice leads

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Consulting Directors

Over ten years' niche expertise
Mentors to Senior Consultants
Heads of practice


What's great about this way of resourcing?

Cheaper than contractors: guaranteed >5% cost save against typical contractor rates
Increased flexibility and productivity: you'll reap the benefits of the flexibility of a contractor with the commitment and mindset of a permanent worker
Top quality talent: we'll tailor the training and development of our consultants to meet your current and future needs. (We invest a minimum of £1000 in their development every year!)
Reduced risk: as well as removing the burden of all HR and contract management, you’ll benefit from a thorough and standardised candidate screening process
Fully tailored to you: when it comes to our consultants, we can offer you a full range of experience and levels, plus we can integrate into your MSP process

How we partner with you

Regular visits from a dedicated Hydrogen Service Manager
Ability to partner with you globally
Targeted cost savings against your contractor rate card every time
Ability to integrate into your Vendor Management System (VMS) and Managed Service Programme (MSP)

Free temp to perm after two years
We maintain all the risk of performance management and quality whilst you task manage

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Alternative consulting solutions


Statement of Work

With an average saving of 20% against leading consultancies, we build our SOW packages completely bespoke to you with a unique and guaranteed knowledge transfer framework embedded within each solution.

Choose from three models (Managed Service, Outcome, Performance) and our experts will shape the rest around your requirements.

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