How do you maintain an outsourced workforce at a low and affordable cost, whilst getting the best quality?​

With our Statement of Work (SOW) packages, you can expect direct access to the talent market meaning no in-direct white labelled resources, saving you critical project budget. Our 20 year network means we retain the market’s best resources for your projects, delivering experienced talent every time. 

Just choose from our three packages and our experts will shape the rest around your requirements.

Our Statement of Work packages


Performance SOW

Designed to enhance the delivery of your project or operations, our teams are supplied and incentivised on their ability to perform to a consistently high level utilising systemically agnostic metrics​.
  ✔  We maintain risk in delivery
  ✔  Best suited for risk mitigation
  ✔  Suited for BAU and project services


Managed Service SOW

Suitable for both projects and business as usual, we provide a full managed service team on a fixed price. With regular service management reviews, you remain in complete control.
  ✔  Suitable for projects
  ✔  Suited for BAU services

Outcome SOW

Used mainly to support your project work, we supply you with teams who are focused on achieving set deliverables or milestones of that project.
  ✔  We maintain risk in delivery
  ✔  Best suited for risk mitigation
  ✔  Suitable for projects


Benefits to you:

Average savings of 20% against leading consultancies
A scalable solution that's swift to implement, so you can ramp up and down quickly
A completely personalised solution for your unique needs - no "off the shelf" packages
Global capability - we work in over 60 countries
Guaranteed knowledge transfers
On-site dedicated service and programme management led by industry leading specialists
Direct access to the best talent in the market, built up over 20 years


Case studies

2 weeks
Identified and selected 22 CDD Consultants with CIB knowledge within 2 weeks



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Alternative consulting solutions


Employed Consultants

From graduate to leadership level, we constantly invest in our Consultant development to enhance the performance of your workforce and their delivery capability. Aligned to your contingent workforce operating model, you receive all the benefits of niche permanent expertise, whilst retaining contingent flexibility.

Choose from Graduate, Consultant, Senior Consultant and Consulting Director levels either individually or embedded within a statement of work.
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