Diversity and inclusion - Elements

Diversity and Inclusion: Elements

In this day and age, simply implementing a diversity program without paying attention to its composition and effects wouldn't be enough; therefore, organisations are beginning to refine what diversity and inclusion mean to them and if they are ready to create an environment that's truly inclusive. In this series, we interview leaders from various industries and discuss the elements of a successful D&I campaign, the benefits of having different elements in the workforce, and offer advice on how to approach this topic in the workplace.

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  5 November 2019

Elements - Diversity & Inclusion: Claire Ledder

Claire Ledder from IAG talks about how to get the entire company on board with diversity and inclusion initiatives as part of our Elements series.

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  21 October 2019

Elements - Diversity & Inclusion: Suzanne Scozzi

Suzanne Scozzi from Suzanne Grae shares insights on how future generations of women can better overcome obstacles as part of our Elements series.

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  13 August 2019

Elements - Diversity & Inclusion: Miriam Andrews

Miriam Andrews is a Partner in Buddle Findlay's Banking and Finance team. In this role, she specialises in banking and finance, with a focus on leveraged and acquisition finance...

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  1 August 2019

Elements - Diversity & Inclusion: Betsy Westcott

Betsy Westcott from Xinja Bank talks to us about her experience working in different industries and shares tips on how to achieve a better work-life balance as part of our Eleme...

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  2 May 2019

Elements - Diversity & Inclusion: Zina Edwards

Zina Edwards is a partner at Hamilton Locke. In this role, she is responsible for advising numerous funds, asset managers and other non-bank lenders in relation to investments i...

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  29 April 2019

Elements - Diversity & Inclusion: Siobhan Hayden

Fintech leader and board member, Siobhan Hayden talks to us about the importance of workplace diversity and her experiences in male-dominated industries.

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