We live life fuller

Our people love a challenge, so we make sure they get the rewards they deserve for all their hustle, graft and hard work.

They run each day their way – we don’t stand in the way of that. It’s their life and they need to live it to the fullest.

What this means for you

A more flexible approach to work

Recruitment is no longer a job you can do from your desk all day, which is why you’ll be the master of your own schedule. We empower you to work flexibly. As long as the job gets done, you can work wherever and whenever – it’s all based on trust.

​A healthier, more active lifestyle

Fill your belly every morning with free healthy breakfast so you’re raring to go. Keep fit and well with half-price gym memberships and quick access to a private GP for a speedy recovery.

Opportunities to travel the world

Always the highlight of our year, our annual incentive trips are designed to motivate our people to perform at their very best. These trips are an important part of our culture and we’ve heard from our people how much they enjoy the opportunities to spend time with each other and strengthen working relationships.

The big trip!

Each year, we arrange one big trip – the one that everyone wants to win a spot on! In 2021, our global top performers are competing for a place on Hydrogen Group’s Powwow, a 5-star, best of the best, weeklong trip to Canada where we will celebrate success, collaborate across the business to build relationships and solve business problems. This trip is open to absolutely everyone across our business and we have created multiple categories for people to qualify into, including top billers, best customer service, best innovator, best leaders, most new business, best Operations staff, etc.

The regional trip

Billings performance is a huge part of our business and sales culture, so in addition to the big global trip, we arrange an annual regional trip for our top Sales billers. This year, our top Sales performers in the US will enjoy a long weekend to Cancun, Mexico – all expenses paid of course! We’ll book all the travel and organize some exciting activities for everyone to enjoy. There’s no cap on the number of places available on this trip – so all you have to focus on is hitting the target.

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