Organizational Planning for a Mobile Start-Up

The challenge:

After 18 months of heavy reliance on external software development partners, our client, a Mobile Platform Start-Up, approached us to assist their development of a five-year people plan. One of the challenges was to reduce reliance on external software development partners. Another was the lack of internal resource to hire and onboard a whole organization of technology professionals. And the last challenge was to avoid downtime in productivity.

Our solution:

We came up with different solutions to overcome the challenges faced by our client. Firstly, we collaborated with key stakeholders to finalize the person organization structure. We then designed assessment centres, interview structures, compensation packages and induction programs, and conducted all first-round interviews. The client only needed to attend a one stage interview with pre-screened and highly motivated applicants. They were able to select from a pool of three shortlisted candidates for each role. Finally, we managed the contract, onboarding and first five days of all new employees.

The outcome:

  • $2.41million saved in external vendor contracts

  • Platform knowledge and IP fully owned by client

  • 80% reduction in product and software downtime