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​Oliver Coughlan

Chief Operating Officer, USA


Oliver Coughlan was appointed Chief Operating Officer for the US region in June 2018, joining the business from iKas Group where he was Group Chief Executive for 5 years. Prior to iKas Group, Oliver spent 9 years working at SThree, a global recruitment partner across a variety of senior positions, markets and locations.

Having spent 16 years in the industry Oliver has led high growth businesses across the world with locations including the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, China, Vietnam plus now the US as a whole region. He is an industry leader in strategic impact growing headcount and operational gearing.

His operational experience has seen double digit growth in headcount (190+) and revenue ($110m+) across all geographies with a key focus on contract and flexible workforce solutions. He has also led various capital events through funding rounds on the open market for growth (M&A) achieving growth in overall capitalization.

​Oliver Coughlan