Our story: Technology

Hydrogen has been providing business critical technology talent to organizations globally for more than two decades. As the industry evolved and international competition increased, it became harder for US companies to attract the best talent. Limited understanding of local market drivers has led to vast talent shortages. We’ve built specialist recruitment teams in the US to help organizations meet their hiring needs and have been supporting our clients locally for the past four years.

Technology companies are operating in an increasingly challenging environment, with tighter budget restraints. They need quick access to the top talent to meet the demands of evolving project scopes and deadlines, but are often held back by outdated recruitment processes, resulting in slow delivery to business-critical hires, project delays and increased recruitment costs.

We recognized the need to improve the candidate experience and create tailored solutions that deliver the top talent to you quicker. The quicker we can provide our clients with the right talent, the better the improvements will be. Our technology business pioneered the concept of a managed interview day some years ago, providing a fully realized simple way to hire the best people for your open positions. Our tailored solutions allow us to dedicate large recruitment teams to individual customers and projects, ensuring all of our clients’ needs are always fulfilled.