We provide business critical talent to STEM markets, through tailored end-to-end recruitment solutions and individual stand-alone services.


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Your trusted talent partner

We don’t just want to source your workforce, we want to engage with your workforce – advise, procure, administrate, develop and plan with you, to ensure your talent and brand is futureproof.

We use a variety of different effective and efficient candidate attraction strategies, to provide you with access to the best in the market.

We deliver partnered leadership coaching to assist your teams’ change and development, in line with your company vision.

We ensure all candidates are fully compliant, carrying out thorough pre-screening, immigration and background checks.

We can help you create a pipeline of future leaders through total talent mobility and building engaged talent pools and segments.

We can support you with current and future scenario planning, business level talent plans, gap and risk analysis, to ensure you have the right talent in the right roles.

We conduct targeted comparative pay analysis, pay for performance and benefits reviews to ensure your compensation remains competitive and allows you to attract the best talent.

Hydrogen has been a recognized leader in talent provision for over 20 years