Exclusive Search

Hydrogen is appointed as the sole agent on a particular role, or instruction on a contingency basis. Ideal for a business wanting to conduct discreet and confidential searches without candidates being approached multiple times by agencies.

​Key features:
  • One specialist point of contact at Hydrogen

  • Using innovative, customised search methods, we source and secure the market’s best talent

  • Searches conducted by a consultant and dedicated research team, to ensure a thorough search and all relevant candidates in the market are spoken to

  • Weekly updates on the search

  • Flexible rates depending on the role requirements

Why you’ll love it:
  • Save time having to manage different agencies and numerous points of contact

  • More control over your brand message in the market as candidates don’t get approached multiple times for the same role

  • Receive better quality candidates for the role, as we’re not simply in a race to find the best people, which is often detrimental to the thoroughness and quality of a search

  • More cost effective than a non-exclusive solution