State & Federal Posters & Notices

Here you’ll find any relevant federal and state specific notices that you should familiarize yourself with.


Arizona (AZ)

Here is a link to the Arizona (AZ) required postings: Click
  • Constructive Discharge: Click

  • Discrimination is Prohibited in Employment - Arizona Civil Rights Act: Click

  • Employee Safety and Health Protection Poster: Click

  • Work Exposure to Bodily Fluids (HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis C): Click

  • Work Exposure to MRSA, Spinal Meningitis or Tuberculosis: Click

  • Fair Wages and Healthy Families Act Earned Paid Sick Time: Click

  • Minimum Wage: Click


California (CA)

Here are links to other notices that also need to be provided to new hires in California (CA):
  • Pregnancy disability rights: Click

  • Family care and PDL: Click

  • UI and DI benefits: Click

  • UI benefits: Click

  • Workers Compensation Time of Hire Pamphlet: Click

  • Wage Theft Prevention Notice: Click

  • The DFEH 185 has been updated.

  • DFEH 151 has been updated and the new brochure: Click

  • The transgender rights notice: Click

  • The updated pregnancy accommodation: Click

  • The Family Care poster is updated: Click

  • Minimum wage: Click

  • Wage order: Click

  • Paid sick leave: Click

  • Pay day notice: Click

  • OSHA notice: Click

  • Injury Notice to employees: Click

  • Whistleblower protection: Click

  • UI and DI benefits: Click

  • UI benefits: Click

Please include the PDFs that are provided for CA:

  • PFL brochure: Click

  • Sexual harassment brochure: Click

  • Disability (SDI) pamphlet: Click

  • Domestic violence leave notice: Click

  • DE-4: Click

  • COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave: Click

  • DE 1857D Notice to Employees - Unemployment Insurance Benefits: Click

  • Discrimination and Harassment in Employment Are Prohibited by Law: Click

  • DWC 7 Notice to Employees - Injuries Caused by Work – need to update: Click

  • Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) Wage Orders: Click

  • Log and Summary of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses: Click

  • Notice to Employees - Time Off to Vote: Click

  • Notice to Employees DE 1857A: Click

  • S-500 Emergency Phone Numbers: Click

  • Safety and Health Protection on the Job: Click

  • Access to Medical and Exposure Records: Click

  • DLSE 445 Farm Labor Contractor Statement of Pay Rates: Click

  • Human Trafficking Hotline: Click

Immigration Agency Inspection Notice

  • Operating Rules for Industrial Trucks: Click

  • Prevailing Wage Rate Determinations: Click


​Colorado (CO)

For Colorado (CO), you need the following:
  • The COMPS order: Click

  • The public health poster: Click

  • Notice of Paydays: Click

  • CRD Poster: Click

  • Notice to Workers: Click

  • Notice to injured worker: Click

  • FAMLI poster: Click

  • Economic security: Click

  • FAMLI notice: Click

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Act (“Know Your Rights: Workplace Discrimination is Illegal”) and GINA Supplement: Click

  • Family and Medical Leave Act: Click



  • Pregnancy Accommodation: Click

  • Family & Medical Leave: Click

  • Paid Family Leave: Click


Florida (FL)

You have to provide this form: Click

Employers are also required to conspicuously display notices in the workplace regarding:

  • Florida Law Prohibits Discrimination Poster: Click

  • Minimum Wage Poster: Click

  • RT-83 Florida Reemployment Assistance Program Law (Unemployment Compensation): Click

  • Anti-Fraud Notice/Workers' Compensation Works for You Poster: Click

  • Child Labor Law Poster: Click

  • Human Trafficking Public Awareness: Click

  • Human Trafficking Public Awareness (Healthcare Providers): Click


Massachusetts (MA)

The attached PDFs must be provided to new hires:
  • Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave: Click

  • Massachusetts Parental Leave: Click

  • Massachusetts Pregnant Workers Fairness Act: Click

  • Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance: Click

  • Massachusetts Wage and Hour Laws: Click

  • Massachusetts Workers Compensation insurance: Click

  • Massachusetts Earned Sick Time: Click

  • Massachusetts Employee’s Withholding Exemption Certificate: Click

  • Massachusetts Fair Employment Practises Act: Click

  • Massachusetts Equal Pay Act: Click

  • And here is a link to the new hire reporting with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue: Click

  • Parental Leave and Harassment: Click

  • Meal and Rest Break Notification: Click

  • Minimum Fair Wage Workplace Notice & Minimum Wage Order: Click

  • Paid Sick Leave: Click

  • Parental Leave Act Notice and Employer Policies – update for 2023: Click

  • Child Labor Poster: Click

  • Domestic Worker Rights Notice: Click

  • Health and Safety - Right to Know: Click

  • Temporary Workers Right to Know: Click


Texas (TX)

The following posters must be provided to new hires:
  • Texas Payday Poster, Unemployment Benefits Poster, and Workers Compensation Poster: Click

  • General guidance: Click

  • Notice of Coverage: Click

  • Notice of no coverage: Click

  • Earned Income Tax Credit (IRS Form 797): Click

  • Employer Notification of Ombudsman Program: Click

  • Hazardous Chemical Notice & Employee Rights: Click

  • Human Trafficking Hotline: Click


​North Carolina (NC)

Here is a link to all of the required NC labor postings (it includes federal notices as well) that must be provided to new hires:
  • Wage and Hour Notice to Employees: Click

  • Employment Discrimination and Retaliation: Click

  • Safety and Health Protection on the Job: Click

  • Wage Payment Notice: Click

  • Workers' Compensation Notice: Click

  • Youth Employment Information: Click



  • Discrimination in Employment Law Including Sexual Harassment, Pregnancy, and Related Conditions: Click

  • Holiday and Vacation Benefits Policy Notification: Click

  • Minimum Wage Act: Click

  • Unemployment Insurance - Notice of Coverage Poster (Form UC-6): Click

  • Wage Reduction Notification: Click

  • Whistleblower Protection: Click

Delaware’s Whistleblower’s Protection Act

  • Workers' Compensation: Click

  • Human Trafficking Awareness: Click



  • Georgia Workers' Compensation Bill of Rights for the Injured Worker Panel of Physicians Poster MCO Poster: Click

  • Unemployment Insurance for Employees - DOL-810: Click



  • ​Employee's Rights to Reasonable Accommodations and Leave for a Disability Caused or Contributed to by Pregnancy: "Pregnancy and Working": Click

  • Employees' Rights Under Maryland's Unemployment Insurance Law DLLR/OUI 328: Click

  • Employment Discrimination is Unlawful: Click

  • Equal Pay for Equal Work: Click

  • Health Insurance Coverage DLLR/PUB OUI6116: Click

  • Healthy Working Families Acts: Click

  • Maryland Minimum Wage "Wage and Hour Fact Sheet": Click

  • Maryland OSHA Private Sector Poster - Safety and Health Protection on the Job: Click

  • Workers' Compensation - Notice and Instruction to Employers and Employees: Click


​New Hampshire

  • ​Employment Discrimination: Click

  • Equal Pay: Click

Holiday and Vacation Policy Notification

  • NH Minimum Wage Law: Click

  • Unemployment Insurance Notice: Click

  • Wage Payment Notification ("Protective Legislation Law"): Click

  • Whistleblowers Protection Act Notice: Click



  • Annual Daily Overtime Bulletin: Click

  • Annual Minimum Wage Bulletin: Click

  • Notice of Limitations Affecting the Application of Lie Detector Tests (Nevada Polygraph Testing Notice): Click

  • Paid Leave (Poster: Not available in compliance HR portal)

  • Paid Leave - Immediate Family (Kin Care): Click

  • Rules to be Observed by Employers (Minimum Wage and Overtime): Click

  • COVID-19 Vaccination PTO: Click

  • Domestic Violence Victim's Bulletin: Click

  • Pregnant Workers' Fairness Act: Click

  • Safety and Health Protection on the Job Poster: Click

  • Unemployment Insurance Notice to Employees: Click

  • Wage Payment Notification (Poster: Not available (employer-specific) )

  • Workers' Compensation Coverage (Form D-1): Click


​New Jersey

  • ​CEPA - Whistleblower Act: Click

  • Discrimination in Employment: Click

  • Employee Misclassification: Click

  • Family Leave Insurance Poster PR-2: Click

  • Gender Pay Equity Poster: Click

  • New Jersey Earned Sick Leave - Notice of Employee Rights: Click

  • New Jersey Security and Financial Empowerment Act ("NJ SAFE Act"): Click

  • NJ Family and Medical Leave Act Poster: Click

  • Notification of Obligation to Maintain and Report Records Regarding Wages, Benefits, and Taxes Pursuant to State Law: Click

  • Paid Sick and Safe Leave: Click

  • Payment of Wages: Click

  • Unemployment and Disability Insurance PR-1: Click

  • Wage and Hour Law Abstract: Click



  • ​Discrimination in Employment: Click

Payday Notices

  • Tennessee Unemployment Insurance: Click

  • TOSHA Safety & Health: Click

  • Wage Regulation/Child Labor: Click

  • Workers' Compensation: Click



​Covenants not to Compete Prohibited as to Low-Wage Employees
  • Employer Earned Income Tax Credit: Click

  • Employer Virginia Credit for Low-Income Individuals (CLI Poster): Click

  • Occupational Safety and Health: Job Safety and Health Protection: Click

  • Pregnancy Discrimination Notice: Click

  • Unemployment Insurance: Notice to Workers: Click

  • Workers' Compensation Insurance: Workers' Compensation Notice: Click



  • ​Job Safety and Health Law: Click

  • Notice to Employees - If a Job Injury Occurs – State Fund: Click

  • Notice to Employees - Unemployment Insurance Benefits Notice: Click