Welcome to our Inspiring Business Women blog series!

This interview series shares the incredible personal stories of successful business women working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines. Our client relationship manager, Haley Fountain, talks to inspiring business women about how they got to where they are now, how they’ve overcome challenges, what they’ve learnt along the way, and their advice for others in similar positions.

Our latest interview

Julie McGuire

March 2018

Julie McGuire, Texas Children's Hospital

In honour of International Women’s Day, Haley sits down with the Director of Enterprise Solutions at Texas Children’s Hospital. Julie is a healthcare executive making strides in her career whilst ensuring the success of those in her team and organisation. Her inspirational, yet practical advice is something you’ll want to take note of!

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Our other interviews with inspirational business women

Suzanne Weller
January 2018

Suzanne Weller, Getty Images

The Senior Director of Organizational Change Management shares her experience on diversity initiatives, the ‘secret sauce’ of culture, and the importance that change management plays in all of it.

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Nicole Smith
September 2017

Nicole Smith, BigCommerce

Having recently been promoted into a much more demanding role, Global Sales Operations Manager Nicole tells us all about the challenges of moving from an individual contributor to manager.

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Mischel Kwon
August 2017

Mischel Kwon, MKACyber

Starting her company whilst raising five children, and finishing her bachelor’s and master’s degrees while pursuing her career, Founder and CEO Mischel is nothing short of impressive!

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Diana Grauer
June 2017

Diana Grauer

With over 10 years’ mechanical engineering experience, Diana shares her brilliant advice about networking and what we need to do to get more women into STEM careers.

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Margot Daniel
May 2017

Margot Daniel, ADT

The Director of Digital Customer Experience at ADT reveals all about how to demand your spot at the table, the value of networking, and managing family life whilst pursuing a career.

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Kim Merrifield
May 2017

Kim Merrifield

IT professional of 16 years, Kim went back to school and graduated whilst raising her three kids. She reveals what she learnt about staying driven in your career, and how to manage high performing teams.

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Denali Lumma
April 2017

Denali Lumma, Uber

Uber’s Senior Technology and People Leader gives us an insight into some of the forward-thinking initiatives she’s leading at Uber to increase diversity, retention and overall happiness in the workplace.

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Haley Fountain
March 2018

Haley Fountain

In the spirit of International Women’s Day and #PressForProgress, we interviewed Haley about what’s inspired her to undertake this blog series, and what she’s learnt along the way.

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About the author

  Haley Fountain manages the relationship between Hydrogen Group and our clients as we help them to find the best CRM talent to meet project deadlines, increase revenue and improve their organisations.

She passionately believes that every individual has something unique to offer – regardless of race, gender, experience level, age, religion, sexual orientation... or any other factor.

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