UPDATE: On 17th March 2020, Chief treasury secretary Steve Barclay announced that the IR35 tax reforms will be pushed back to 6th April 2021. The delay is part of a broad package of measures the Treasury has announced to protect the economy from the coronavirus outbreak. As more news develops on this, we will update this page to help employers and contractors navigate what happens next.

What you need to know





Supporting you to be IR35 compliant 

As of April 2020, ‘end employers (you) will be responsible for assessing contractors’ tax status. Each individual role, working practices and contract must be reviewed. Incorrect assessments could lead to PAYE tax and Employers National Insurance Contributions liability.

To remain compliant and competitive, businesses need to act now. From free advice to turnkey solutions, we're making sure our clients are on the front foot to compete for the best talent now and in 2020. Find out more about your options and how we can help.

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Making sure you’re prepared 

We are supporting all our contractors to make sure they are aware of their options and are prepared for April 2020. 

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