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  • Location: Sharjah
  • Salary: £140000 - £190000 per annum per year
  • Job Type:Permanent

Posted 29 days ago

Our client is a leading UAE based business with a dedicated investments and venture capital arm. You will be advising on litigation matters working closely with their Deputy CEO.

Essential Function

Legal Counsel

· Provides high quality, concise and on-point advice and risk assessment to the Company's Board and Executive Management on all legal and regulatory matters arising from the Company's current operations and/or potential new ventures and transactions to protect and advance the Company's interests in domestic and international forums.

Leadership with respect to people and tasks

· Supervises and develops the various members of the Legal Department to enable them to reach their maximum potential and to ensure they meet the needs of internal clients. This entails setting individual objectives, managing performance, developing and motivating staff, provision of formal and informal feedback and appraisal - in order to maximise departmental performance and develop legal talent within the Department.

· Formulates strategies, concepts and/or solutions for achieving transactional, operational and dispute resolution goals and drives those matters forward to fruition, actively guiding the legal or interdisciplinary team assembled for the project or task at hand.

Policies and Procedures

· Directs the development of and oversees the implementation of operational policies, procedures and controls covering all areas of legal activities so that all relevant procedural/legislative requirements are fulfilled while delivering a quality, cost-effective service to internal clients.

Assurance Role

· Reviews all internal policies, rules and regulations from a legal perspective to assure top management that the company is fully compliant with relevant legislation and government rules and regulations in the various jurisdictions in which it operates.

Dispute Resolution

· Analyses the relevant facts and law and provides concise legal opinions and resolution advice on legal claims made by or against the Company in a variety of contexts. This includes formulation of the dispute resolution strategy (alone or with external counsel) with the relevant business unit and supervising the prosecution, defence and/or settlement of matters, whether being handled by an internal Company team or external counsel. Where external counsel are engaged, in addition to the traditional function of selecting external counsel and monitoring costs and performance, the Legal Director is responsible for developing the legal strategy to achieve the commercial and business objectives, fulsome and efficient briefing of the counsel team and adopts a very active case management role, which entails strategic and tactical oversight of the external team but also working alongside them, if required, in a co-counselling and/or 'quarterbacking' capacity to ensure that the Company's interests are fully understood and advanced at all times in an optimal manner.


· Assists business unit leaders with conceiving, structuring and recording the particular deal or transaction in question, and negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts - all of which are typically bespoke to the Company's needs. Advising on and delivering the legal aspects of whatever is required to achieve the Company's commercial objectives and protecting against legal exposure and evaluation of risk.

· As in the contentious context, the Legal Director likewise monitors costs and performance of external teams, is responsible for fulsome and efficient briefing to ensure optimum results and adopts a very active role in the deal or transaction at hand, including strategic and tactical oversight of the external team but also working alongside them as if an embedded member to ensure that the Company's interests are fully understood and advanced at all times.

· Rigorous, authoritative and pragmatic interpretation and application of the Company's key contracts for senior management and teams members of various disciplines such that all clients can conduct the Company's affairs and give instructions on a fully informed basis .

Labour Matters

· Advises on the application of relevant employment laws within the business and the interpretation of employment contracts.

Compliance & Government Requirements

· Advises on corporate compliance with all legislation and governmental requirements and changes thereof in order to protect the company's interests, direct investigation of new processes, procedures and policies for compliance with all legislation in both mature and frontier/developing legal environments.

New Projects and Ventures

· Advises top management on relevant legal dimensions and commercial risk implications of any new projects, investments, including joint ventures, strategic partnerships and mergers so as to maximise the Company's interests and minimise its liabilities.

· Participates as an integral team member of interdisciplinary project teams assembled for selection, assessment and implementation of new ventures and projects, including (debt or equity) financing initiatives.

· Generally keeps abreast of laws and practices, both locally and internationally, that may have a legal, financial and commercial impact on the Company and its affairs.

Corporate Representation

· Represents the company before administrative and governmental authorities in litigation matters and/or acquiring registrations, licenses and permits to comply with government requirements.

· Represents the company generally in various forums and at functions in order to foster business relationships and development.

Corporate Structure and Company Secretarial Matters

· Ensures that the right legal corporate structure is in place to effectively operate the underlying businesses with a view of achieving the business objectives and in jurisdictions that are conducive and supportive for the business objectives.

· Ensures that Crescent Enterprises is in good legal standing; implement changes to corporate structure, supervise share transfers, share registers, oversee company registrars, obtain notarisation and legalisation of documents of certificates, updating and cataloguing company books, registration of encumbrances for the entire company.

· Drafts the agenda and minutes for the Board of Directors and the General Assembly meetings. Assembles the views of the members in preparing the discussion package for presentation to the Board.

· Executes various secretarial functions (e.g. Secretary to the BOD, Executive Committee) to discharge accountabilities in accord with the constitution of these Committees.

· Custodian of company registration documents.


· Acts as an Arbitrator to settle legal disputes and disagreements related to the company's operations.

· Analyses and assesses arbitration aspects and ensures compliance with federal and local laws.

External Legal Services

· Evaluates, selects, appoints, and supervises external counsel from many jursdictions on a wide range of matters, and actively monitors and manages the efficiency and quality of external legal services to ensure the Company is getting the best quality and value for the fees paid.


· Supervises the activities of the company's registration and/or the renewal of all company licenses, memorandum of association in order to ensure the ongoing validity of all Company licenses and memberships.

Safety, Quality & Environment

· Advises on compliance with all relevant safety, quality and environmental management procedures and controls within the applicable company's operations to facilitate employee safety, legislative compliance, delivery of high quality products/service and a responsible environmental attitude.

Budgeting & Cost Control

· Directs the preparation of the Legal department budget and monitor financial performance versus the budget so that the business is aware of anticipated costs/revenues and areas of unsatisfactory performance are identified and potential performance improvement opportunities are capitalised upon.

Reporting and Relationship Management

· Reports to Deputy, CEO on all critical Legal issues and activities and to provide legal advice on an ongoing basis.

· Enhances existing relationships with government agencies, judicial courts, and regulatory bodies in order to solve legal problems and ensure due legal processes are complied with.

· Maintains and exhibits excellent working relationships with all Crescent's staff.

· Conduct regular research and studies on legal issues, particularly new policies and procedures.