Company name:
Hydrogen Group LLC

Position title:
VP Technology

Position duties:
Manage essential functions including pipeline planning, performance reporting, territory management, sales policy governance, and sales and renewal forecasting; Leverage Company's customer and financial data to develop insights for sales/marketing leadership and sales managers; Develop dashboards and reporting designed to efficiently provide Company leadership with the insights needed to manage and improve sales and marketing efforts; Establish and develop a sales enablement team within the sales operations function; Oversee the development of existing tools and materials for sales team members; Oversee the development and ongoing sales and sales management onboarding and training programs; Collaborate with Company's technology organization to migrate Company to a common CRM system; Collaborate with and support consultants to managing the process of prioritizing accounts and prospects as well as drive CRM usage and compliance; and Provide oversight and leadership to sales operations team members, the solution architect team leader/team, and the sales administration function within sales operations.

Degree requirements:
Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or related field .

Experienced required:
Four years of full-time work experience in job offered, or as a sales manager, recruitment manager or in occupations in a related field.

Special requirements:
Experience to include:

  1. Progressively advanced recruiting and staffing sales operations and sales management experience within business services and technology companies.
  2. Experience working in international staffing and recruiting markets;
  3. Experience structuring and analyzing data and then developing reports designed to illuminate key insights;
  4. Experience using Salesforce CRM.

Approximately 25% of time will be spent traveling to Hydrogen Group LLC offices and to customers throughout the United States.

Location of position:
Hydrogen Group LLC
708 Main Street, 10th Floor
Houston, TX 77002

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