AI is coming. Are you ready?

Our vision is to help you change the world of medicine and it’s no secret that AI is dramatically transforming the world of discovery and development. Life Sciences companies want to cure, vaccinate, immunise and improve the lives of people around the world as quickly, efficiently and comprehensively as possible. AI will, by far, have the biggest effect on the industry over the next 10 years for reducing the time and cost of developing new products. Used correctly, it can provide life-changing products to people who currently believe they will never be able to receive them and give people a quality of life they can’t yet comprehend.

And we want to be a part of making that happen.

AI expertise is hard to find

From our research and discussions within the industry, it’s clear that AI is rapidly climbing up strategic agendas across the world as most Pharma, Biotech and Devices companies, as well as Service Providers, are looking to expand their specialist AI teams. In fact, research by Indeed shows that demand for people with the ability to drive AI in our industry has more than doubled over the past three years!

But, supply and demand for this talent is a concern. It’s increasingly difficult for Life Sciences companies to find the right AI talent in the right place to achieve the results they need.

Top 10 trickiest AI jobs to fill
The following % of jobs remained unfilled after 60 days, according to a recent Indeed study.
Top 10 trickiest AI jobs to fill

This is where we can help. We understand that in many cases it’s not just technical brilliance that you need. It’s also the vision, the commerciality to be able to ‘sell’ ideas inside or outside the business and the personality to lead, or fit into, your team which are all critical to getting this right.

Case studies


In the time we have been working in the Life Sciences AI market, we've already made a difference.

Artificial Intelligence case study


We have been instrumental in developing the AI capability of a large, European-based oncology business. We introduced them to members of their new AI leadership team as well as proactively recommending outstanding people from within and outside the industry who we correctly felt could make the difference to them achieving their goals more quickly.

Artificial Intelligence case study


We have also introduced an exceptional Leader in the AI Industry to a client in the US who will, among other things, take responsibility for revolutionising Diabetes treatment globally through the use of AI. We advised the company and developed with them the right profile required, then found them the person who best fit that.


How we can help you


We want to continue being a part of putting the right AI talent with the right companies so that breakthroughs can be made and lives changed for the better. We have a long-standing reputation in both the Life Sciences and Technology industries (which is pretty unique!), so we haven’t started from scratch - we’ve evolved!

We build networks with the best AI-driven specialists across the world, focused in the areas of:

Data Science

Data science

Machine Learning

Machine learning

Deep learning

Deep learning



Big data

Big data


Our dedicated team know those rare individuals who can cross over between Science and AI technology, and our job is to find the right fit for your organisation, based on your requirements.


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