There seems to be a common misconception about recruitment. So if you have ever thought about getting into recruitment then maybe you should read on.

September 9, 2016

There seems to be a common misconception about recruitment. Some people have a negative view of recruitment consultants, believing that they would place people into ill-fitting, poorly selected roles in an attempt to make some quick cash. This image lingers in the minds of many who’re not in the industry, but in reality it could not be further from the truth. 

So if you have ever thought about getting into recruitment then maybe you should read on.

The most valuable commodity in any business is its people. As such, organisations have come to rely on recruiters to source the talent they need to compete or stay ahead of the competition.

Whilst it is a sales profession, recruitment requires you to build and maintain strong relationships; between both clients (the companies that use your services) and candidates (the people you place into roles).

Strong client relationships are built from a willingness to listen and adapt to the needs of their business. By asking the right questions, and listening intently to the answers, you’ll be best placed to find the perfect candidate for the role. 

Once a candidate is found you must guide them through the job process as painlessly as possible. Succeed in fulfilling any requirements they might have, as well as solving any issues they face, and you’ll build a sense of trust. Trust that will make the candidate come to you every time they’re ready to move to a new role.  

Being personable is an invaluable life skill to have, and one that the recruitment industry can help you to strengthen. Not only that, it can make you an expert in your field. As you’ll likely be recruiting for a niche industry you’ll start to build expert knowledge of that industry - useful if you wish to further pursue a career in that market.

However, simply knowing the people, the companies and having market knowledge is not enough, as recruitment is a competitive industry. There’s often going to be someone else talking to your clients or candidates, trying to convince them that they’re the better choice. It’s your job to show them that that’s not the case and the best way to show this is through customer service and results.

Results can be gained through perseverance and a thorough understanding of how the recruitment process works. From initial contact with the client, enquiring about potential roles, all the way to placing a candidate in a role and beyond. By controlling every stage and making it as painless as possible, for all parties involved, it will lead to success and reward.

Despite what people think, recruitment isn't an easy job though. There will be days when your calls and emails are ignored. Days when you are on the brink of making a successful placement, only for your candidate to pull out at the final hurdle or for the client to pull the role. But if you work hard, learn to thrive under pressure and have a willingness to learn from your colleagues then success will come.

Rewarding that success is very important to us at Hydrogen. That’s why our staff enjoy a wide range of perks, including uncapped commission, team incentives, first-time home buyer loans, and annual company holidays for top performers. 

So, now you know the truth about recruitment, and if this sounds like your sort of thing then Hydrogen may just might be the right place for you.

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