People strategy | Hydrogen news 2 April 2020

Virtual onboarding of remote employees: how to do it right

Given the current climate, onboarding a new member of staff can seem pretty challenging, taking into consideration that most businesses have moved to remote working.

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Diversity and inclusion 29 March 2020

Elements - Diversity & Inclusion: Hazel McDwyer

Hazel McDwyer, Partner at Gadens, talks about how diversity and inclusion in the workplace generally leads to better decisions and results.

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Careers at hydrogen | People strategy | Diversity and inclusion 25 March 2020

Elements - Why we care about Diversity & Inclusion

Brett Rose, Managing Director at Hydrogen Group Australia, talks about his experience on diversity and inclusion within the recruitment sector.

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Business Transformation 27 February 2020

CASS: The unwavering acquaintance

If you opportunistically thought CASS was on the back burner, think again. It remains to play a major role in the regulatory universe and there are no signs of that receding.

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Technology | Business Transformation | Robotics 25 February 2020

Robots in the office: accept it or get left behind

We’re on the cusp of a future where humans and digital workers can work alongside each other to meet business goals quicker, better and cheaper

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Legal | Career advice 20 February 2020

Hydrogen partners with in.coming

Supporting your journey to become a qualified lawyer

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