Technology | Business Transformation | Finance | Robotics 30 April 2020

Will COVID-19 kill off cash?

A by-product of the coronavirus pandemic will be an increase in the contactless payments market, as the world is looking to make transactions as contactless as possible.

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Legal | Career advice 28 April 2020

Tips for trainees approaching qualification

In light of the current market, we are likely to see some changes from the traditional route to qualification. Here are our tops tips for trainees.

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Technology | Business Transformation | Finance | Energy | Life Sciences | Legal | Career advice 27 April 2020

Video interviewing: our top tips for candidates

Wondering how best to prep for your video interview? Download our new guide!

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Business Transformation 27 April 2020

Coronavirus’s impact on the global supply chain

The drastic changes to life in lockdown have suddenly weighted the supply/demand dynamic to one side, with supply unable to keep up with demand, exposing some critical weaknesse...

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Technology | Business Transformation | Finance | Energy | Life Sciences | Legal | People strategy 21 April 2020

Why you should still be hiring

Reasons why businesses shouldn't slow down their hiring practices too much during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Technology | Business Transformation | People strategy | Robotics 14 April 2020

I bet your Digital Worker hasn’t been furloughed…

Speaking to many of our clients over the last few weeks, we've noticed that those that had been investing in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) had mitigated some of the disruptio...

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