Technology | Business Transformation | Robotics 25 February 2020

Robots in the office: accept it or get left behind

We’re on the cusp of a future where humans and digital workers can work alongside each other to meet business goals quicker, better and cheaper

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Technology | Business Transformation | Robotics 18 February 2020

The key success factors in your automation journey

24% of businesses cite revenue growth as a top strategic objective when it comes to IA and 30% claiming that improving customer service is their primary concern.

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Technology | Business Transformation | Robotics 11 February 2020

The importance of agility in reinvention

It’s been estimated that around 50% of the tasks workers do could potentially be automated with today’s technology. Not only that, but automation will increase the speed and eff...

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Technology | Business Transformation | Robotics 4 February 2020

Building a digital workforce

It’s never been more vital for businesses utilising a combination of digital and human workers to have a cohesive platform from which all can share ideas, data and workloads.

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Technology | Business Transformation | Robotics 28 January 2020

Re-imagining the workplace around a digital workforce

For businesses that don’t have the luxury of being able to start from scratch, intelligent automation and AI investment could be the perfect route into re-imagining business mod...

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Business Transformation | Robotics 27 January 2020

UK Business Transformation: 2020 Market Trends

Jon Wilson looks ahead to the coming year with analyses of trends and give some predictions of what we expect to see, based on how 2019 has played out.

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