Our COO Amber Hayat shares her thoughts on some key business topics.

In part two of our interview, we collated some thoughts from our COO Amber Hayat on a range of business topics and interpersonal skills. This is what she had to say…

On leadership
“I’ve never read a leadership book. There is no leadership 101. You’ve got to find your natural style. You might be tempted to implement what you read. That’s not to say there isn’t a place for it. You have to connect with people, communicate clearly and be as transparent as you can, which is not always easy in a leadership role.”

On letting off steam
“Sometimes having a bit of a bust-up with someone and bouncing back is the mark of a good relationship. It’s good to bring things out into the open. Honesty strengthens relationships. We want to make sure that our culture stays open and honest.”

On recruitment
“We’re shaping the world of work, placing really high achieving people into roles where they can make a difference in the world. Recruitment can sometimes be so transactional, we forget about the impact that we have on individuals and organisations.” 

On office banter
“It’s important to me that every single person has fun while achieving and really enjoys being part of the Hydrogen culture. A joke and a laugh to break up the day is essential…even if it’s a five-minute chat about football!” 

On complacency 
“Don’t celebrate your success for more than 24 hours. Pat yourself on the back and move on to the next thing.”

On flexible working 
“I’m a huge fan and I want to see Hydrogen move towards a flexible working culture. You do need to strike the right balance and find what best works for your organisation. But if you give people flexibility, you get so much more back.”

On collaboration 
“The collaborative culture we have at Hydrogen is so important. Even though there is always room for progress, I believe there’s a lot of respect between operations and sales. We both need each other at the end of the day – there’s no Harry Potter magic fix.”

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Amber Hayat
COO, Hydrogen Group