Change and transformation in the workplace

Nowadays, all organisations must institutionalise the capacity to change. Here are our latest insights to help you navigate and disrupt rapidly changing markets.

  25 February 2019

Tomorrow's World: Part 1

In true Tomorrow’s World style, Mark Pratt reviews some of the biggest changes we expect to see in the commercial world.

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  11 January 2019

UK Business Transformation: 2019 predictions

Having spent a lot of valuable time with clients over the last few months, Jon Wilson makes some predictions for 2019.

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  14 December 2018

The future of retail banking

Following the MoneyLIVE 2018 Summit, Jon Wilson takes a look at some the key themes influencing the future of retail banking.

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  30 November 2018

A day rate in hand's worth two in the bush

Mark Pratt gives the insight and actual usable formula, nicely packaged in a spreadsheet, for how to maximise your contract income in relation to day rate choices.

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  31 August 2018

Why “5 minutes” is never just “5 minutes”

Your time is a precious commodity, to be protected at all costs. Learn how to deal with people who want to steal '5 minutes' of your time.

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  21 August 2018

It's not rocket science... why do projects fail?

If one aspires to be a master black belt Jedi Ninja Project Manager, one should take heed of Mark Pratt's insight into this common problem.

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