People strategy

Developing a clear people strategy for any business comes with its own unique complexity. These blogs provide insights and ideas to help you attract and retain the best talent.

  6 March 2018

Friend or Foe: The real value of recruiters in the modern...

Can you actually trust recruiters to have your best interests at heart? And what exactly do they add to the process?

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  31 January 2018

Internal recruitment teams are just failed agency recruit...

My (albeit short) experience of working in the talent team at Lion confirmed what many of the best recruiters already know – that internal functions, if aligned properly within ...

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  1 August 2017

REPORT: childcare and family friendly benefits

In the context of recent legislative changes, from Shared Parental Leave to 30 free hours of childcare, we look at how employers are supporting their working parents and carers.

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  28 April 2017

What price on talent?

The value recruiters bring is often undervalued, says our CEO and co-founder Ian Temple, in part four of his blog series.

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  28 March 2017

The advantages of engaging a recruitment agency

No doubt, filling a vacancy can take up a lot of time and effort. Here's why you should consider using a recruitment agency.

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  16 January 2017

Flexible working requests? Just be reasonable…

Having introduced an hours’ trial in the last half of 2016 for all our London staff, we know first-hand of the benefits flexible working brings.

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