With a database of 57,000 audit professionals, we have the contacts, the relationships and the networking skills to fill all your internal and external audit roles.

Our expertise in recruiting skilled, qualified audit professionals dates back to 1997. This long experience has brought us deep insights into the audit profession, close contacts with jobseekers across the world and client relationships with many leading organisations.

Our database of active and potential jobseekers is made up of 37,000 internal audit specialists and 20,000 people working at external audit providers. We take time to build close relationships with these people and fully understand their skills and goals. On average, we know our jobseekers for up to two years before we place them.

Quality relationship with clients

We also take the time to understand your organisation, its culture and recruitment needs. This means we make the right match in the shortest possible time, meeting your recruitment needs quickly and cost effectively.

Through this approach, we’ve successfully placed over 1,700 professionals into audit roles. These include internal roles such as Heads of Audit, Forensic Auditors, IT Auditors, as well as external auditors from accountancy practices.