Of all our jobseekers who reach final interview stage for a regulatory affairs role, 95% will get an offer. And 98% of these will accept it.

Behind these impressive numbers lies an equally impressive approach to finding people with the skills, experience and cultural fit you need for your regulatory roles. 

Firstly, we’re constantly networking. There are 12,100 regulatory professionals working in 67 countries across six continents on our database – and we add around 350 new contacts every month. These include experts in regulatory compliance, life cycle management, advertising and promotion and many specialist areas in the sector.

The majority of people we place are either headhunted or come to us through a personal referral. This enriches both the quality and quantity of the contacts on our database and enables our consultants to introduce you to jobseekers inaccessible anywhere else. 

Secondly, we take the time and effort to get to know these people – their strengths, their career goals, their work-life balance objectives and much more. We go to the same lengths to understand your needs, too. By getting to know your business, its culture and your job specifications, we can save you time and cost when putting forward suitable jobseekers.

Thirdly, our regulatory affairs recruitment consultants have deep knowledge and insights into global regulatory frameworks. In 2015, they attended – or actively participated in – six of the world’s key global life sciences events.

Winning trust and loyalty

Because this approach works, organisations return to us regularly. In 2015, we went on to complete multiple regulatory affairs placements with 68% of the organisations we worked with. And we deliver 100% of the time when our clients retain us for their search assignments.