Our story: Business Transformation Industry & Commerce

Hydrogen’s Industry & Commerce Business Transformation team have been delivering on transformation roles for over 20 years and have an unrivalled network of candidates. It made sense to move into highly acquisitive markets where carve-outs, divestments, mergers, and integrations meant continual change and transformation. Retail organisations have been facing changing consumer behaviour and the decline of the high street, meaning they needed to radically adapt. FMCG and Pharma businesses are experiencing large scale M&A’s and integrations, meaning they need to source top-level talent. Hydrogen’s strengths are not only knowing our market specialisms inside out, but our ability to network and bring the right people to the table for clients facing challenges.

Frequent advances in technology mean that continual digital transformation has become the norm, particularly as businesses grow through M&A and adopt new systems. The global COVID-19 pandemic has also accelerated digital adoption for many clients and brought about new challenges. Remote working, for example, allows companies to look outside of local talent. While this can result in cost savings, larger talent pools and rising unemployment can make it even harder for clients to find the best culture and skills fit without expert support.

Our consultants know that our reputation is on the line every time we put a candidate forward and we regularly check our Net Promoter Score to continuously drive the customer experience. We recognise that not all businesses are the same and offer our clients bespoke, streamlined solutions tailored to suit their needs. As a global company, we invest in tech and our people, and have the cash flow that allows our clients to operate more effectively, which has become more crucial now than ever before.