Our story: Business Transformation Insurance

The insurance industry has remained much the same for decades and, due to a risk-averse culture, has always been particularly resistant to any change beyond complying with new regulations. Before the advent of new technologies, it wasn’t a competitive market where new players could easily enter and was also not seen as an exciting career prospect that would attract the new talent it needs. By giving companies access to Business Transformation specialists with niche industry skills, we helped our Insurance clients deliver change more effectively. By expanding our services to include Statement of Work and end-to-end solutions, we have also made significant savings for our clients and reduced their reliance on expensive consultancies.

The Insurance sector is entering a period of disruption and modernisation, driven by consumer desire for innovative and digital product and service offerings. InsureTech start-ups are moving in on the territory of Insurance giants, who are themselves beginning to change their service models, much in the same way the Banking sector has been transformed by FinTech. These challengers are creating a choice in the market, so existing companies have to innovate to stay relevant. This, in turn, is creating an increased demand for new skillsets such as Digital, Mobile and Robot Process Automation (RPA).

It's an exciting time to be involved in the Insurance market and a real opportunity to have an influence on the space and attract a new type of person to it. We are constantly expanding our network to include the top candidates with the latest in-demand skillsets, be that Agile, Digital or Robotics. We have also widened our offering to include Statement of Work solutions so we can offer all the benefits of a leading consultancy at a fraction of the price.