Our story: Legal Europe

With over 20 years’ experience in delivering top legal talent to companies and law firms, we have witnessed increasing demand from our clients to expand into new locations in Europe. Top legal professionals with exceptional training and exposure to international markets are hard to find in the local market, even for locally based agencies. Our global network of over 160,000 contacts includes local lawyers, UK talent living abroad, and global talent looking for a relocation and this enables us to significantly expand the talent pool for our clients with requirements in difficult locations.

As more international firms have increased their European presence in recent years, and Brexit has moved some legal focus away from the UK, the Private Practice market has become much more competitive for our clients, who need to focus on their brands to attract top talent. At the same time, many companies have brought their legal expenses in-house, resulting in our clients needing to differentiate themselves as there are so many more opportunities in that space.

Our consultative, close partnerships with our clients allow us to understand their businesses inside out and enable us to push the strongest message about them to the market. The same approach with our candidates means that we have their goals, motivating factors and career aspirations at heart. Combining the two results in highly skilled, dynamic lawyers getting the very best opportunities with our clients, who in turn can achieve their growth or project plans by securing the best talent.