Our story: Legal Private Practice

In 2001, as US firms started to establish themselves in London, the Magic Circle and other top law firms began to lose out on the best candidates, specifically at the mid-level point. We entered the market, realising that firms needed to differentiate themselves to fulfil their growth plans and compete effectively. Where they had been relying on job ads, what they really needed was a trusted recruitment partner who could actively headhunt the best talent on the market. We mapped the market, built an extensive database, and launched our unique MarketWatch service, enabling us to quickly locate candidates that match any set criteria.

Almost 20 years later, the market is much tougher. There are more recruitment agencies in the sector, as well as in-house recruiters sourcing talent, and, coupled with avenues such as LinkedIn, it can be harder for our clients to find a quality recruitment partner. There are also new US firms hiring aggressively, which has seen many London firms forced to increase salaries to attract and retain talent. Candidates therefore have countless options and often multiple job offers, so they can afford to be choosy in today’s career culture of frequent job moves.

We have developed our original consultative approach to client relationships and have become a recognised brand in the London legal space, helping numerous firms move forward with the right people. These long-term partnerships with clients mean increased contact and added value for them, in terms of better market insight, regular salary surveys and even speculative approaches from stellar candidates. Two decades on, it is as rewarding as ever to guide, advise and find a legal candidate their dream job.