Our story: Life Sciences Engineering & Quality

We entered the market at a time of increased manufacturing across Europe and pledged revenue spend for new production facilities to ensure that European drug manufacturing kept pace with cheaper locations such as India and Southeast Asia. Many of our clients were embarking on building new manufacturing facilities, which led to a sharp increase in a demand for qualified and experienced professionals that outweighed the local resource pool. Our primary input into this process was locally based candidates, but we were also able to turn to our networks of highly qualified technical consultants from across Europe.

The last five years has seen a significant increase in recruitment competition, from more agencies in the space, as well as the implementation of internal talent acquisition teams. Unfortunately, many of these do not have the in-depth understanding of this part of the industry that we have and also offer a lower level of service, resulting in weaker talent pipelines, slower delivery and increased costs for our clients.

The manufacturing facilities our work supports are the cornerstone of ensuring that R&D findings are realised and produced. Delays in building teams within these facilities can have catastrophic effects. The quality of our service is the best it has ever been, and we have adapted our approach to respond to our clients’ requirements, such as their preference for local candidates. Our talent solutions enable them to move quickly with their hiring plans, scale functions faster with their ideal team and therefore seize more commercial opportunities.