Our story: Life Sciences Regulatory Affairs

When we entered the Regulatory Affairs market, we supplied specialist interim talent to Pharma’s who required Reg Affairs consultants with unique skills that could plug gaps in their compliance knowledge. Since then, the Regulatory landscape has developed further, with constant new regulation driving the need to stay compliant in more ways than ever before. Life Sciences businesses needed to attract permanent Reg Affairs talent and build expert teams to help them remain compliant. We added immediate value and saved our clients significant time and resources by sourcing professionals directly from local Health Authorities, as expertise in these processes to get submission approval was lacking among our clients.

As new drugs and vaccines are developed faster than ever, regulations evolve all the time, and as such regulatory consultants are always in demand. The range of skillsets and expertise is so broad now that specialist knowledge of niche areas is vital and Regulatory Affairs teams need to reflect this. Pharma’s cannot afford to stand still and not improve their teams with individuals who have had exposure to new products.

Our ability to resource such a highly pivotal and technical part of the industry directly impacts the speed at which life-saving products can be approved, marketed, labelled and sold. We invest a lot of time in understanding what the pain points are, analysing the candidate landscape and advising on positions that can have an enormous impact. We utilise the latest tech to give us a live view of where our consultants are and what their next moves will be.