Our story: Oil & Gas

We entered the Oil & Gas market at a time of high oil prices, that were driving demand for the right skillsets among candidates in the sector. These individuals were scarce due to the technical skills required, and the competition among operators was understandably fierce. Our clients didn’t have the networks or the means to attract the right candidates and very few agencies had a full technical grasp of the Oil & Gas market. Hydrogen specialised in identifying in-demand, highly skilled candidates in Europe and our expertise resulted in successful delivery and grew our reputation in the space.

There have been huge changes in the sector since then, from oil prices and downturns, to significant investment in renewables, which has meant our clients need to be much leaner going forwards, many of them downsizing or pivoting into production-only status to survive. Some of these changes, alongside the current lack of exploration, could be long-term threats to the industry, so it’s imperative that businesses adapt with the evolving sector to remain competitive.

We have longstanding relationships in the space and genuinely care about our clients and candidates who are in a very challenging market at the moment. Our role is to reassure and support them by reacting quickly to their needs, providing permanent or consultant specialists to enable them to seize any opportunity, and increasing our understanding of different disciplines so that we can provide assistance wherever they need it.