Our story: Procurement

The strategic Procurement function has seen significant talent investment from businesses across the last ten years to streamline processes, reduce raw material prices and costs, and identify better sources of supply. We entered the market due to demand from our clients needing to manage compliance and risk mitigation across their supplier base: a complicated process, requiring specialist talent to do it well. Having a solid Procurement strategy in place is business critical and our clients need our networks and expertise in identifying and sourcing the relevant professionals to execute that strategy.

Technology is redefining the role of Procurement. Cloud-based communities today enable enhanced collaboration between buyers and suppliers, improve supply chain visibility and allow Procurement teams to make better-informed decisions about the contractors they work with. This risk mitigation across suppliers is vital, certainly after the weaknesses in the global supply chain were exposed by the recent pandemic. Investment in digitisation in Procurement is at the forefront of many CPO’s minds to maintain a competitive edge.

We appreciate the impact that a robust strategic Procurement function has on a business culture and reputation, particularly post COVID-19. Our team of specialist consultants have unrivalled market knowledge in terms of Procurement talent and best practice and are able to deploy tailored recruitment solutions and offer a true strategic partnership to our clients.