Our story: Technology Java & DevOps

Java is one of the most predominant programming languages in the world. We analysed our placement history with a deep dive on our clients' tech stacks and saw that the overwhelming need came from Java, so we entered the market to best support our clients with quality candidates in a timely manner. Since the advent of cloud tech, DevOps engineers have become a must-have member of any technical team. Experience in this latest technology is hard to come by in permanent employees, so contractors are the answer for very specific tasks, an area where we add huge value due to our large networks.

The market has seen dramatic change in recent years, with remote working becoming the norm, even for contractors. Companies not set up accordingly have missed out on talent. Technology is also an inherently evolving space and we are seeing rapid change with new versions of Java; Android moving their development to Kotlin; and companies becoming more cloud focused. If businesses fall behind on these trends, they will struggle to attract candidates who all want to work with the latest tech. Not having a secure modern solution in place can also cost businesses millions in revenue if their customer data is hacked.

Java & DevOps developers enable companies to move to the next level in today’s digital age and we pride ourselves on helping shape these businesses by providing the best talent available. With our finger on the pulse of the Java & DevOps community, we understand that every company operates differently and so we react accordingly and tailor our approach and process to our clients’ needs or market trends and developments. We aim to make our clients feel like we are an extension of their business rather than just another agency they use.