Our story: Technology JavaScript

95% of websites are built with JavaScript, the most commonly used programming language. With new libraries and frameworks being developed all the time, candidates with JavaScript expertise are always in high demand. However, while plenty have the coding skills, not all have the right software engineering principles to be of commercial value to businesses, so there is extreme competition for the right talent, particularly when it comes to contract hiring. We entered the market because we appreciate the dynamic from the business angle; we understand their project requirements and are able to sell the opportunity to our network of JavaScript professionals.

As more companies have embarked on their digital transformation journeys, the demand for developers has intensified, particularly as the UK is one of the highest paying locations globally for contractors with this skillset. Given that not every client can compete with the highest day rates, we ensure ours are best placed in other departments, working with them on their tech stack, culture and benefits to build an attractive proposition. We are also widely connected in the market and able to spot talent and value for money among candidates for them.

JavaScript developers enable companies to move to the next level in today’s digital age and we pride ourselves on helping shape these businesses by providing the best talent available. With our finger on the pulse of the JavaScript community, we understand that every company operates differently and so we react accordingly and tailor our approach and process to our clients’ needs or market trends and developments. We aim to make our clients feel like we are an extension of their business rather than just another agency they use.