We combine market leading Intelligent Automation expertise and Human Workforce Solutions. 

The Intelligent Automation market is predicted to grow at 30% per annum for the next five years. Digital workers, enabled by Intelligent Automation, will be unavoidable. But where do they and humans fit best? How will this change organisations and the nature of work?

We think there’s a bright future for humans and digital workers to work together. That’s why Hydrogen is the first workforce solutions provider to offer digital workers to our clients alongside human workers. We’re also investing in closing the skills gap through training and resource provision in Intelligent Automation.

Digital Workers
We provide clients with digital workers, pre-trained on their own processes, enabling:

Time: Dramatically improved output speed
Cost: Significant cost savings vs human workers
Quality: Error and QA elimination
Value: Your human workforce freed to add value

One of the key challenges organisations face when undertaking their own Robotic Process Automation (RPA) journey is understanding the true ROI of a digital workforce. Our differentiator is that we charge no up-front development costs for our Digital Workforce, just a fixed annual fee, so you can realise your ROI immediately. In fact, we guarantee a 100% return on your investment.

Like your human workforce. Only faster. And cheaper

Instant ROI, guaranteed

RPA Training & Accreditation
Hydrogen is enabling our clients to become experts in automation, by training selected members of their existing workforce as Intelligent Automation Engineers. Our Training and Accreditation programmes will leave you with production-ready teams of Sprint Managers, Developers and Analysts, able to successfully automate your own processes in just three months. 

This fast track training includes:

2-week rapid start: Knowledge inception through an online training portal.
This condenses 3-months theoretical and practical exposure into a 2-week course.

Apprenticeship: Practical application consolidates and improves the skills of the team through a supervised apprenticeship. Trainees automate a tranche of your own processes under the onsite supervision of one of our Senior Accredited IA Engineers.
Accreditation: Trainees emerge as accredited professionals in the relevant platform.

Graduates from Hydrogen’s RPA Training and Accreditation programmes emerge fully production-ready, to form the core of your RPA competence, able to develop or run your automated operations.

Your staff trained and accredited as Analysts and Developers in BluePrism, AutomationAnywhere or UIPath

Be self-sufficient and build your own ‘Centre of Excellence’ with our guidance

8 out of 10 businesses will deploy automation in the next five years

RPA Talent
Today’s innovative businesses are gaining competitive advantage through Robotics Process Automation. But with 8 out of 10 set to automate work in the next five years, demand for these skills is set to skyrocket. This will lead to an inevitable skills gap and shortage of expert resource to create the automated operations.

Hydrogen’s two-pronged approach is filling the gap for our clients: we’re building ready-to-deploy teams of pre-experienced talent as well as training graduate and experienced professionals via our fast track training programmes, creating a workforce of fully accredited Sprint Managers, Developers and Analysts. This means we can deploy resource into your business ready to add value from day one.

Our clients enjoy a highly skilled, low risk, cost effective solution, with a far greater ROI than using a conventional contractor or consultant. Our Employed Consultants can join your permanent workforce with no fee after an initial period. 

You get great people with minimal risk and investment.

A team of our Employed Consultants deployed within your business

Market-leading permanent and contract talent in all the key RPA platforms 

Digital Workforce Solutions
We provide end-to-end solutions to deliver and scale digital workforces utilising Intelligent Automation (Robotics Process Automation + Cognitive).

Used opportunistically, Robotics Process Automation will gain quick wins - but it should not be deployed merely to gather the ‘low-hanging but should be leveraged for competitive advantage. At scale, the digital workforce must be integrated with the human workforce and changes will be made to the operating model.

We’ll help you understand how to address the challenges, seize opportunities and scale a digital workforce. We’ll help you think big, even if you’re starting small.

Strategic advice & tools to build and operate your Digital Workforce as a multipurpose enterprise asset

End to end outcome-based Robotics Process Automation solutions

Opportunity assessments establish rapid ROI for your business


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Whitepaper: Workforce of the future

The fourth industrial revolution and the dawn of a new era.

How digital workers are changing the nature of work and the shape of organisations 

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