Our pre-screening service is online, risk-free, compliant and efficient.

Our pre-screening service, delivered by our in-house contractor care team, is online, risk-free, compliant and efficient. We offer three packages: basic, enhanced and premium, and can also tailor these to specific screening requirements. Additionally, we can offer this service to clients to screen their own internal permanent and contract hires.

(3-5 working days)
(5-7 working days)
(10-15 working days)
Proof of right to work           x              x               x
Address verification           x              x               x
12-month referencing           x    
Gaps of 3 or more consecutive months investigated and explained                                                            x                x               x
Passport validation                x               x
Credit Check                x               x
Directorship check                 x               x
24-month referencing                 x  
Sanctions check                x               x
36-month referencing                   x
CIFAS fraud check                   x
Basic disclosure check                    x
Verification of professional qualifications                   x

Process overview

Our screening portal, Safe Screen, allows candidates to complete the entire screening process online, including the signing of confidentiality agreements and client specific policies (excluding ID verification).

Once a candidate has submitted their information, all checks are automatically processed with no need for manual intervention. Our contractor care team ensures checks are completed as efficiently as possible and conducts a full audit upon completion.